Reviews - Drawing & Talking 1-2-1 Work

At the end of the 12 weeks, clients are asked for some feedback - here is what some have said.


Average Score from Adults

4.9 out of 5

Sceptical & Pessimistic, but I couldn't be more wrong!

After a bad breakup I felt like I had lost everything.  I was extremely depressed and anxious, lost all self worth, and I was reliving past traumas from the worst parts of my life on top of it all.  Trish helped me through all of that, helping me finally put to bed memories and experiences that have bogged me down for so long.

The Connection Cabin became a familiar, safe place where I could be vulnerable and open during a time which made it very difficult to do so.  I managed to get myself back on my feet, get a great new job in a place I have wanted to work for a long time, find time to look after myself and look forward to the future with a much more positive and self respecting mindset.

Trish is very humble and doesn't like to take credit for any of that, but having her supporting me, helping me unwind my feelings and experiences, and sometimes opposing my negative mindsets with alternative viewpoints and truths I didn't want to believe made recovering a much quicker, less painful experience.

I went in sceptical and pessimistic but I couldn't be more wrong.  I decided to just talk most sessions, but when I did draw I was always surprised by the way my drawings revealed things about myself and my subconscious I never knew, and it was always an extremely positive experience.

Trish is always positive and genuinely cares from the bottom of her heart, she truly understands and knows how to make you feel validated.  I always looked forward to our sessions.  I have a new lease of life, and whenever life gets hard again I can always look back to my drawings and remember how far I've come, how much I've achieved, and how much more I can still do.

Thank you Trish, I feel so genuinely lucky to have had you help guide me through this difficult part of my life.



J, Adult service user, processing breakup anxiety, past trauma & depression.

Sleep improved, highly recommended!

Trish helped me through a difficult period after working in the NHS through covid. 

I didn't really know what to expect, but Trish was so warm, welcoming, and professional that she instantly put me at ease. 

I had 12 sessions, and by the time I had completed the course, I had come a long way. 

I was sleeping again, the nightmares were less and less, and I felt less anxious. 

I can highly recommend Trish to anyone, she's worked wonders for me.

Thank you.



J, Adult service user.

She genuinely cares.

At a time when my boys faced so many issues as a result of the trauma they experienced, Trish was so amazing in helping them to resolve some of their issues. In fact both my boys would look forward to their weekly sessions with her and said it was the best part of their week. I find both my boys have resolved some of their issues and after the 12 week period will look to see how Trish can help them more. She was so great in doing all the relevant checks so that she could get into the school as quickly as possible. I could not recommend her enough. She genuinely cares about helping children.

A, Parent of child service users.

Made him feel better.

R said it was very good and it made him feel better. I would like to say how much of a difference I saw in him after a few weeks and he also looked forward to his visits which made me feel at ease. You've been such a great part of his journey and we're both very grateful for your support.

L, Parent of child service user.

Didn't feel pressured.

Very easy going and relaxed, didn't feel pressured, and worked through a few issues.

I, Adult service user with Autism, processing anxiety, bereavement and life trauma.

Gave him time to feel comfortable.

My son, who is autistic, loves to draw but isn't great at talking. So I thought this kind of therapy would work best for him. Trish was fantastic with him. Gave him time to feel comfortable and most importantly time to process all he was feeling and helped him deal with it. He went there for anxiety and worked through many different things he nor I knew about. He still struggling but time after therapy is needed too. 

R, Parent of child service user.

Trish has a real gift.

My daughter was unable to relax or speak to any adults outside of people she knew after a traumatic hospital stay and ongoing engagement with professionals. I was astonished that she went in and completed a session with Trish. I could hear her chatting away and when we left she kept saying "she's so nice!" It was lovely for me to see my child comfortable - the first time in months. 

E, Parent of child service user.

I felt very safe and comfortable.

I felt very safe and comfortable talking about any issues I was dealing with and they really helped me learn how I can help myself and feel more comfortable about myself too.

M, Teenage service user.

Trish made her feel at ease.

My daughter seemed to enjoy the sessions.  Trish made her feel at ease each week which made her happy & confident to engage.

L, Parent of child service user with Autism & Anxiety.

I have seen progress in my anxiety.

I have loved every minute of this course & really wish it did not have to end. I wish it was longer than 12 weeks. I have seen progress in my anxiety because of this course, I recognise my triggers & am trying things out to lessen the impact on me.  thank you for your time and support, Trish is truly wonderful,

S, Adult service user.

Warm and welcoming.

Trish has been wonderful throughout the 12 week course.  She is warm and welcoming and the children were able to open up to her. Thank you.

K, Parent of children service users processing bereavement.

Feels less stressed now.

M is really enjoying his sessions and enjoys the format being informal and focussed on an activity rather than purely conversational. I think for children of M's age (primary school) this works well as a distraction from the intensity of sharing thoughts and feelings and it feels more like a by-product of drawing. M said he "feels less stressed now he has Trish supporting him and she helps him get the things out of his head by talking to him." M seems more settled at home and generally relaxed.

J, Parent of child service user in a school setting.

It's Magic that you do.

Just to say a big thank you for helping our son.  What ever it is that you do or say, we can honestly say it's magic that you do.  He's so much more positive, happier and reaching for the stars!  Thank you, you're amazing.  He even said himself how much more positive he is.  He never once said he wouldn't attend every Saturday, which we have never seen over the years, he saw this through. Thank you again.

G, Parent of adult service user.

Always punctual and polite.

Trish was always very professional in her dealings with myself and the child.  She communicated well and was flexible with some session timings to suit timetable changes in school.  The child always looked forward to his sessions with Trish and came back to class in a positive mood.  She was always punctual and polite.

Class Teacher, Stivichall Primary School.

What they say

C started their sessions with "sad", "alright", "angry" and "annoyed", and finished them with "alright" and "relaxed" they scored the sessions a 4.  They said they liked it because they got to draw instead of lessons.

H said "It has helped me because I got to talk about my feelings and I only have you to talk to."  The emotion faces had no real change and they scored the sessions a 5!

K started the sessions with a mixture of emotions, including "worried".  They ended their sessions with the same mixed bag of emotions, however, "worried" had been replaced by "alright".  They scored it an 8 (out of 5), - I think they enjoyed it!

M started week 1 "worried" and finished their final session "alright" - giving a score of 4.

A said "I don't have to do work as much and it relaxes my brain."  Although they scored the session a 3, their emotion at the beginning was "alright" and at the end was "happy".

C scored the sessions a 5, and said "It has been nice to talk to someone."  The "sad" emotion indicated at the start was replaced with "alright" and "relaxed" at the end of the process.

A started week 1 with all the feelings being circled (see list to the right) at week 12 only "happy" and "relaxed" remained!  They said it helps people feel better and scored it a 5.

N started week 1 with a mixture of feelings and finished their final session with "sad" no longer being there - they scored the sessions a 5.

A started their sessions "alright" and "happy" and ended the process with a stand-alone "happy". They scored the sessions in the middle area at a 3.

M had a full range of emotions at the beginning, "sad" and "happy" had both disappeared at the final review - which could indicate that some of the extreme emotions had passed.  They scored the sessions a 2 out of 5.

A felt "relaxed" and "happy" at the start of the process, but was only "alright" and a little "worried" at the end, as they did not want the sessions to end - they still scored it a 5 though.

M scored the sessions a 5!  They started with alright, happy & relaxed, by the end the "alright" (potentially occasional low mood, sadness or uncertainty) was gone, leaving the feelings of Happy & Relaxed.

A said "It has helped me be calmer" and scored the sessions a 4.

E said they liked it and scored a 5, their emotions started at "happy" and "upset", the latter was replaced with "worried" and "relaxed" - "happy" remained.

K scored their sessions a 5!  They started with "worried" appearing, by the end this was replaced with "relaxed". They also said they liked the questions about the pictures.

R had a selection of feelings at the start including "Angry" and half "Relaxed" at the end of the sessions anger had been replaced with "Annoyed" and they rated themself as quarter "Relaxed".  They gave an overall score of 4!

Quick Feedback

Child service users fill out a smiley face review before starting this work, and again at the end, to show how they feel.

They indicate how they feel.

  • sad
  • alright
  • happy
  • angry
  • annoyed
  • upset
  • worried
  • relaxed

They score the sessions out of 5.

  • 0 is where they didn't like it
  • 5 is where they thought it was brilliant



All client voices are important to me, however, for some, their emotional literacy (understanding what emotions are & how they feel) is not fully developed, some younger children may even struggle with a number scoring system, so their responses are not necessarily a representation of the actual benefits of this work.

When we work with children, sometimes the effects are seen immediately, other times they may not be seen for 10 years or more.

All children will have experienced a positive attachment experience with an adult who turned up, as promised, and accepted them as they are - that is priceless.

Average Score from Children

4.3 out of 5

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